Head of Sales
Sergey Leonov
The boundaries of the impossible are defined only by yourself
Our Team
Ilya Varlahov
Efficiency is measured by the final result, not by the time or nerves spent
Training manager
Mariia Varlahova
Take and do
Head of Advertising Platforms
Julia Morozova
He who refuses to lose wins
Business Assistant
Elizaveta Kuznetsova
Sales Manager
Maxim Lobanov
Sales Manager
Tatiana Glotova
Sales Manager
Anfisa Khvastunova
Opportunities don’t come on their own — you create them
Regular client = high results, attention to detail and emotional comfort
Success is the result of constantly striving for improvement
You can’t know the beauty of a forest by looking at a single tree — and so it is with teamwork
Sales Manager
Sofia Toporova
Simplicity and honesty in dealing with issues is the best tool to get results
Evgenia Belyaeva
It’s great luck to find a team where your dreams turn into common goals
HR Assistant
Zaliya Buskanova
The formula for happiness is the difference between the result in life and the level of responsibility for the result
Influencer Manager
Angelica Thunder
Do what you love and there won't be a single day of work in your life
Influencer Manager
Daria Yuzhakova
Don't be afraid of what you don't know. It can be your greatest asset
Influencer Manager
Anastasia Yermyshova
To achieve success, stop chasing money, chase your dreams
Influencer Manager
Nazar Shilov
Love leads to results
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Influencer Database Manager
Anastasia Zaozerova
Grab the opportunity and you won't notice how your life will change
Sales Manager
Kristina Orlova
The best way to predict the future is to create it
We are proactive.
We act sustainably and we take responsibility.
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